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- <title>sorcia - Federated Git hosting engine</title>

+ <title>sorcia - Self-hosted web frontend for Git repositories</title>

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<main class="container">

<div class="container__banner">

- <div class="container__banner__title">Sorcia is a Self-hosted web frontend for Git repositories. Written in Go.</div>

+ <div class="container__banner__title">Sorcia is a self-hosted web frontend for Git repositories. Written in Go.</div>

<div class="container__banner__license">License information can be found in the <a href="https://git.mysticmode.org/r/sorcia">README</a> section.</div>

<!-- <a href="https://git.mysticmode.org" class="container__banner__product-image">

<img src="/uploads/default/S1.png" width="100%" />